Complete Your Bathroom Makeover With Top Fittings and Accessories

Bathroom accessories provide the ideal opportunity to inject color and texture into a bath design, from practical items such as towels and soap dispensers to fun touches like rugs, framed artwork and storage containers that give it its own distinct character.

Finding the appropriate lighting can greatly enhance both mood and functionality. Use a dimmer switch to control overhead lighting or switch out your current fixtures for recessed ones for better control and lighting quality.

Towel Racks

When it comes to towel racks, there are a variety of choices ranging from bars, hooks and ladders; each comes in stylish finishes to match the decor in your bathroom. Consider how many towels need to be held as well as available space in your bathroom when making this decision.

Wall-mounted bars are classic bathroom accessories that are easy to maintain, making them ideal for spaces with limited wall space. Signature Hardware’s towel ladder also adds texture and visual interest while its thin frame and rungs add a modern edge without compromising quality or durability.

Add an element of luxe to your bath with this heated rack from Amba Radiant. Its curved bars (designed specifically to hold two towels at once) warm your bath linens for a spa-like experience after every shower or bath.

Try displaying your towels more luxuriously by opting for a freestanding hutch or storage cabinet as an elegant display option. These pieces usually have multiple open shelves to store freshly laundered towels as well as extra hand towels. Or install one of the KES door-mounted towel holders that fits over cabinets or doors and keeps hand towels close by.

Bathmats & Rugs

An attractive bath mat adds style and warmth to a bathroom while protecting tile flooring from cold temperatures. Soft yet absorbent bath rugs provide added warmth for feet exiting tub or shower that need protection on cold floors.

Rug designs span from microfibers to lush chenille; solid colors work well to compliment your bathroom’s decor theme or you could opt for patterned styles that add visual interest. Looped weave gives an air of luxuriousness while ribbed cotton gives more modern, urban appeal; natural fibers such as coconut, bamboo or rush grass provide an organic touch that fits well with a range of bathroom designs.

Your choice of bath rugs from Frontgate includes many made with eco-friendly materials like recycled wood. Cotton, wool and hemp fibers give any bathroom an inviting atmosphere, complementing any decor style perfectly. Plus, many machine-washable options feature non-skid transparent latex reverse for easier maintenance – with this added non-slip feature you can ensure they remain put when walking across them throughout the day! With help from Frontgate’s selection of bath mats you can quickly create an integrated design aesthetic.


If your bathroom features ample floor space, incorporating built-in cabinets or freestanding shelving to increase storage can help make the most of a relatively limited area. A wall-mounted laundry hamper also helps minimize trip hazards while keeping towels and linens off of the floor.

Cabinetry selection can make or break your bathroom design. Choose between sleek, glossy finishes or more dramatic matte and metallic tones to complement the room’s light fixtures and other accent colors. If your home features older wiring, consider upgrading with code-mandated GFCI circuits that accommodate appliances found today’s bathrooms from electric razors to hair straightening irons.

Add decorative bath decor, such as apothecary-inspired jars or prints featuring cheeky sayings, for an eye-catching finish in either contemporary or traditional bathrooms. Contemporary spaces will benefit from having these accessories, while more traditional spaces should feature elegant fixtures with complementary decor pieces.

The Container Store may not be ideal for purchasing major bathroom furniture pieces such as vanities and toilets, but its selection of bathroom accessories such as toothbrush holders and tissue box covers as well as soap dishes and dispensers makes for an impressive selection. Pottery Barn also provides more upscale bathroom decor; offering sets as well as individual items in modern styles with subdued colors.


Many homeowners choose to purchase bathroom accessories in sets based on style, while others like to mix and match pieces for an eclectic look. Whatever approach is taken, the key is ensuring your accessories fit with the overall theme of your bathroom suite – for instance a wooden vanity can look beautiful in a rustic bathroom while an updated contemporary suite could benefit from having something like a chrome toilet paper holder instead of wooden vanities.

Lighting adds another element of charm and luxury, from pendants and chandeliers to recessed lights keeping everything open and bright. Upgrading to energy-efficient lights is also a smart investment as new ones may save on electricity and water costs in the long run.

If you prefer more traditional bathrooms, try adding timeless apothecary-inspired jars for a timeless vibe or add luxury with a mirror with an elaborate frame. Other accessories can bring the room together as well – including candles and glass canisters; others prefer adding plants for an easier atmosphere while still others may prefer artwork or sculptures for open counter spaces.

Pottery Barn offers an impressive range of stylish bathroom accessories, spanning everything from shower curtains and mats to ceramic soap dishes and dispensers and tumblers. AllModern is another top retailer, known for their stylish minimalist designs such as cabinetry vanities mirrors coordinating hardware – they even specialize in sustainable designs!

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