What Makes Project Management a Good Career?

Exactly who are project managers?

Project managers use their experience in project management to start, carry out, and finish projects in a variety of businesses. They are the creators of some of the most brilliant modern goods, services, and procedures, from smartphone applications to the opulent structures of foreign cities. 

Project managers are equipped with a variety of skills that enable them to address each job specifically and strategically. Most importantly, they are aware of how to use project management expertise to support an organization’s capacity to grow, learn, and progress through PMP Certification

In addition to these fundamental activities, you will also need to do the following:

  • Practise the skill sets needed for the project.
  • Calculate the project’s budget.
  • Schedule the completion dates for each of the minor project components.
  • Organise meetings to monitor the project’s progress
  • Choose the methods for finishing the job. 
  • Maintain the organization’s and the team’s culture
  • Create a progress report and deliver it to the appropriate parties.

Even if managing numerous projects at once could be challenging, you can develop the necessary abilities with the right training and certification. 

The following are the duties of a project manager, according to the PMI:

  • defining a project’s scope so that it is consistent with the needs and objectives of the company
  • To organise and control every action or job involved in the project to ensure that it is finished within the allotted time limit
  • Keep track of a project’s resources, including the time of the project team.
  • to properly report on every project status to the relevant stakeholders and to interact with them
  • to foresee and remove obstacles
  • Utilising a variety of project management tools, record each project stage.
  • Ensure that the project is completed successfully and to the highest possible standard.

Let’s examine some of the key motivations for choosing a career in project management after learning what it’s like to be a project manager in general.

Why should I manage projects?

Something Incredible

According to Forbes, being a project manager is one of the “wisest and timeliest decisions” you can make. 

Let’s examine the causes. 

  • The need for project managers is enormous.

By the year 2030, the Project Management Institute estimates that there will be about 25 million additional opportunities for management positions. Accordingly, 2.3 million project management-focused specialists would be needed by the world economy each year to meet demand. 

This indicates that there are several options for you to change your career in this field.

  • Project managers are needed across a range of sectors.

Instead, you might state that project managers are needed across all industries. Being a project manager allows you to work in any industry of your choice, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance, business services, oil and gas, media and entertainment, logistics, manufacturing, aerospace, telecommunications, and utility services—and that too, globally. Thus, you have the option of residing in both your preferred industry and geographic area. 

  • Project managers are skilled in a wide range of duties.

It goes without saying that becoming a project manager was not simple. After receiving thorough training, you ultimately develop potential project management abilities that enable you to handle a variety of activities that are necessary to complete the assignment with the least amount of effort.

  • Project managers are compensated quite well.

Salary is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when choosing to start a job. Given the high demand for project managers globally, it stands to reason that those with the necessary training and credentials earn enormous wages. 

According to Glassdoor, the starting compensation for a Project Manager in the US is around USD 59,680.

According to the aspiration box, the national average compensation for a project manager is about INR 14.2 lakhs and may go up to INR 26 lakhs or more. 

  • There are possibilities for project managers to advance.

What could be a better job decision if it offers you so many prospects for advancement?

You have a tonne of possibilities to progress in your career in this field. You may make twice as much money or more with specialised training, credentials, and experience. 

  • Project managers can influence change

Project managers, in accordance with the PMI, are the ones who spearhead change inside an organisation. Therefore, as a project manager, you can make a difference in your organisation by raising both the revenue and employee morale. 


Having said that, you may always enrol in an online training course if you want to start or change your profession in the field of project management. A popular project management tool, methodology, and best practices are all covered in an online training course like that offered by Simplilearn. You’ll be able to advance in this field of work as a result. 

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