The Pros And Cons Of Creating An Ebook

With the fast-changing trends in the digital world, eBooks are also taking part to cater to the requirements of online readers. Even publishing companies have become up-to-date with digital technology to make the reading experience more convenient for people. EBooks are making a strong impact in the past few years because people these days love to do everything at their fingertips. 

The eBook industry emerged in the 1990s when companies started to sell their book to people on their electronic devices. Then e-reading devices were introduced in 2006, after which the sales of eBooks spread like wildfire. Now, eBooks are downloadable files that are distributed all over the internet. 

You can read your eBook in printed formats, containing a table of contents, numbered pages, graphics, and layout like physical books. So, if you want to write an eBook or decide to hire eBook writing services, you should know that with many pros of eBooks, there are some cons as well.

In this blog post, I have listed some pros and cons of eBooks if you want to jump into the eBook world. 

Let’s start by reading the pros first.

The Pros Of Writing An Ebook

You Can Easily Search The EBooks

One of the major advantages of creating an eBook is that they are easily searchable. Today the reader doesn’t have to search for books in libraries and bookstores. They just have to write its name online, keywords, or famous phrases to get the book you want. 

Accessing the books that the reader wants to read at any time is easy peasy now. They can also search for their favorite part by just only inserting the keywords in minutes without turning page after page.

The Ebook Is Portable

In this contemporary world, people have everything in their hands in the form of smartphones. They can have their book on their smartphone as an eBook saves them from carrying the heavy book load everywhere. You can also say that the entire library is in the hands of a reader due to this technology. 

Furthermore, many people love reading books but don’t want to carry a load with them. For these people, eBooks are the best option. 

You Can Adjust The Font Size

Many readers love to read books with large fonts because of their weak eyesight, or if they are tired, they find it easy and comfortable. This is why they choose to read eBooks, as they can adjust the font according to their requirement. They typically set the font size up to 16pt. 

On the other hand, some people also like to read books with less font sizes, so they read the story faster and do not lose track. The smallest readable size of eBooks is usually 8pt, also known as fine print. But, many people set their eBook size on normal, which is 11pt or 12pt. 

You Can Follow The Links

Adding links to the eBook can be beneficial for the author and also for the reader. Readers can follow the links on eBooks for easy access to more books or websites to have a good reading experience. These links can be added anywhere in the eBook. This allows the reader to choose the words from the content they want to read more about in another book. 

You Can Download It Easily 

In the past years, if anyone wanted to read a book, they would have to buy it at the store. But now, if a reader wants to read a book, they just download it online and read it. The reader can download your eBook from various websites and read it anywhere at any time. 

The Cons Of Writing An Ebook

We know that there are a lot of pros of writing an eBook, but do you know that there are some cons as well? Let’s look at some of them.

You Must Have A Mobile Device

It might surprise you, but many people in this world don’t own smart devices. This is why they don’t even know that eBooks exist. Some readers also don’t know how and where to find the eBooks. Therefore, they prefer reading physical books. 

A Lot Of Screen Time

For those with a job, it is a huge drawback for them if they read an eBook. These people often get headaches, eye strain, and tiredness. Therefore, many people avoid reading eBooks and prefer reading physical books to restrain from these problems. 

Some People Don’t Get Book Satisfaction

Many bookworms love to read physical books. They love to turn the pages of the book and just get the inner satisfaction with the smell of physical books. Readers often find it difficult to read books from the internet because they habitually read physical books from an early age. 

It Is Harder To Read Ebooks In Sunlight

Physical books are better if the reader wants to read them in the sunlight because reading an eBook in sunlight can be hard. The sunlight over the smartphone screen can disturb the reading experience, making it unable for them to read the content. Some smart technology has a nonglare screen that lets the reader read better in sunlight. But, many readers do not have this technology and face this problem.

You Will Need Batteries

The reader will only read the eBook until the batteries of the smartphone or tablet are charged. But, once the battery finishes, they will stop reading the eBook, breaking their tempo and interest. This problem comes up because the batteries of readers’ phones and tablets often run out quickly. 

Final Thoughts!

After reading this blog post, it is clear that eBooks have become more convenient for people in the passing days. It has many advantages, such as ease of use and searchability; you can adjust the font size, add links, and download it. As we say, everything has its benefits and drawbacks; similarly, eBooks also have disadvantages, as people run out of batteries, don’t get book satisfaction, and face difficulty reading in sunlight.

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