The Mini Games Multiplies Your Fun in Camel Cash Casino

Camel Motion’s Camel Cash Casino has gained popularity among casino goers ever since it was initially presented. One of the best applications for playing casino games for free is Camel Cash Casino because it gives players access to almost 44 slot machine games. Camel Cash’s USPs, Piggy Bank, and Cash Cards Album further increase the attractiveness and originality of this social casino game.

In addition to these pleasant features, Camel Cash Casino also provides a selection of Mini Games. Playing these enticing Mini Games and winning additional coins will allow users to place more wagers on the slot machines. Moreover, accessing these games is a lot of fun and an interesting experience. 

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  • Fun House Pinball

With the exception of the prizes that are in this game, it is a conventional pinball machine. In other words, you can win a lot of coins by playing this game. There are three different ways to play pinball. To start the pinball machine, you pull a trigger. Use the paddles to hoist the ball into the air for the maximum points.

Because of the inner ring, the coins you receive from the outer ring will be larger. Whenever you flip the ball, keep it away from the danger zone. The rotating wheel will circle anticlockwise if the reverse function is utilized, and it will spin more quickly if the speed option is selected.

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  • Beer Mania Fortune

In the Beer Mania Fortune bonus game, you have to choose one of several kegs from a shelf. Barrels are brittle and will break under any strain. To completely fill the glass tumbler in the center of the screen is another option to get a lot of coins. You might be able to locate the hidden beer behind the casks and obtain a few pints if the stars are in your favor. These pints will be used to determine the volume of that glass tumbler.

It’s also fascinating to see that while some barrels contain pints of beer, others simply contain coins. The best course of action is to avoid the chicken leg portions, though. The game is done when you get three chicken leg pieces. Beer Mania Fortune has upbeat music, which makes the game more fun to play. 

  • Lucky Disco Balls Mania

The two rotating disco lights on either side of the display in this game are what catch the player’s attention. The soundtrack to Lucky Disco Balls Mania has a disco feel, as the game’s name suggests. There are two different kinds of disco balls: prize spheres and winning multipliers. 

The prize balls on the left side of the screen show the number of coins. However, the smartphone’s right side is where you’ll find the winning multipliers. Along with drawing the winning multiplier, players also get a chance to draw the prize ball. The multiplier ball’s worth multiplies the coins on the prize ball as well. You get a specific quantity of coins in this way. Hence, there will be bucket loads of coins in your kitty. 

You will receive a total of 800000 coins if the multiplier ball has a value of 2 and the prize ball contains 400k coins, for example.


To put it simply, Camel Cash Casino’s special features never fail to amaze. The Mini Games are a breath of fresh air among the already substantial selection of top online slots with superior graphics. You can take part in these entertaining activities to add more coins to your account when it runs out. Because of the fantastic stages, these games are also incredibly enjoyable. The Mini Games contain excellent animations as well. Installing this entertaining social casino game from the App Store or Play Store will allow you to play it immediately. 

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