The Importance of Online Pre-Pregnancy Classes

The Importance of Online Pre-Pregnancy Classes

The Importance of Online Pre-Pregnancy Classes

Pregnancy classes can be invaluable, whether you are new to parenting or expecting another baby. Attending these sessions will give you an invaluable understanding of your body, making labor less daunting, and setting you up for a smooth postpartum experience.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many in-person childbirth classes were cancelled but online options are available that can meet your needs.


Though no single aspect of childbirth can be controlled, taking classes can provide expectant parents with peace of mind during labor. Classes help ease concerns over unknowns while enabling couples to focus on enjoying the experience together. They may even help anticipate parents select a hospital that best meets their needs and that of their newborn baby.

Hospitals and birth centers both provide classes in-person; however, online options can also provide less expensive classes that you can take from the convenience of your own home. Many online classes provide lifetime access, written lessons and video lessons; some even provide a private community you can lean on during your journey into motherhood.

Online pregnancy classes provide another great benefit – couples can attend together! They are an effective way to strengthen bonds and build trust while you prepare for labor and delivery, as well as giving labor support people basic training on childbirth support techniques.

Studies have demonstrated that pregnant women who attend childbirth classes tend to have higher rates of vaginal birth and less preterm birth rates, as well as reduced risks of having elective cesarean procedures performed, and higher breastfeeding initiation rates than others who don’t take classes.


No matter the time or place, when it comes to online pre pregnancy class and care, the best thing you can do is visit a hospital. Many hospitals host classes specifically tailored for expectant parents; typically covering everything from labor preparation through postpartum and newborn care as well as any hospital policies in effect.

If the cost of traditional childbirth classes is an issue for you, online alternatives exist at less than $40. One such online course is Motherly Birth’s online video series which covers pregnancy and childbirth with nine sessions covering topics like Body Changes and Discomforts, Prenatal Health and Nutrition, Childbirth Parts 1 & 2, Breastfeeding Newborn Care Post Birth Care as well as Bringing Baby Home. All are easy to follow with their downloadable textbook being yours to keep as well!

Hilary Erikson of Pulling Curls offers an online Birth Partner Class which costs one-third less than traditional hospital-led childbirth classes and covers all of the same topics, including what’s expected of birth partners, labor support techniques and evidence-based practices; plus discussion questions and exercises designed to keep partners involved throughout this journey.


Pregnancy classes are an invaluable asset when planning for childbirth. They prepare expectant parents for labor and delivery while teaching ways to cope with pain during labor and delivery. Pregnancy classes also give expectant mothers insight into what awaits them during hospital stays and can give information regarding natural birth methods or medication-induced labor – giving expectant mothers all of the information needed for an informed decision regarding childbirth.

Expectant parents have many options available to them when looking to take pregnancy classes online, from virtual classes that allow learning from the convenience of home to more affordable in-person options that may even reimburse a portion of your cost through insurance or flexible spending accounts.

Online pregnancy classes may also be more practical for couples living far apart, since in-person birth classes often necessitate travel to attend. Online classes enable both partners to participate simultaneously.

The best online pregnancy classes are those which address the specific needs of expectant mothers. Such classes will usually address topics like labor pain management, coping techniques and postpartum care; in addition, some may provide information on breastfeeding or infant CPR if applicable. They should also be accessible on mobile devices.


Are You Expecting a Baby and Need Pregnancy, Childbirth or Infant Care Classes Online? Online classes provide quick and efficient options for learning pregnancy, childbirth, infant care and breastfeeding topics – most classes provide access for up to one year and usually offer an downloadable textbook that you can keep.

Some online childbirth classes cover topics related to unmedicated labor and natural pain management, while others focus on natural birthing methods like Bradley Method (a natural birthing approach combining prenatal exercises, labor positions and possible interventions). Classes for this method usually occur in small-group settings and require a 130-page course book).

Other online classes aim to empower mamas through knowledge and dispel fears associated with childbirth. These courses target women of all backgrounds, covering topics like periods & sex, fertility, pregnancy, parenting and miscarriage/abortion – making it ideal for anyone wanting to become a more informed parent but lacking time or desire for in-person classes.

If you are considering enrolling in an online childbirth class, make sure that the instructor has adequate credentials and experience. When searching for classes it’s essential that they be taught by either a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Registered Labor and Delivery RN or an OB/GYN or midwife.

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