Step by Step Guide To Get More Quality Leads


Leads that do not advance in the purchase process and do not convert generate indirect costs. They come to your website, take a look at your pages, fill your web analytics with noise, and consume your resources and time.

You must be clear that a sales opportunity that is not of the quality for your objectives will never convert.

True inbound marketing experts will tell you that you need to establish how to qualify your leads quickly, because the sooner you understand your buyer persona’s needs and how you can help solve their problems, the better for everyone.

Here are some actions you can take right away to improve your capture of higher-quality leads for your goals.

Create more content for your website

If you generate more useful content for your audience, you will be increasing the chances that they will find you, if this content is also based on the needs and interests of your ideal client, your visits will be more qualified.

Leads don’t turn into sales opportunities or customers quickly, they probably follow a long process in which they visit you several times for a long time until they are ready to make a purchase.


Relaunch your existing content

Creating new content is always a challenge, if you already have a good base of content that you consider is adapted to the needs of your ideal clients, you can take advantage of that effort by reusing your content in different formats.

You can also readjust the information to improve its optimization towards conversion at this time.


Consider using a chatbot

Web page users like artificial intelligence robot-type assistants that can solve quick needs, which means quick access to the information contained on the web but in a much more interactive, dynamic, and, above all, innovative format.

They also provide advantages for marketing technicians since chatbots can save the history of questions that a user has asked on your website and thus know what needs they had.


Configures the acquisition of progressive profiles

You don’t have to create large forms to capture data, creating the profile of your contacts progressively is much more intelligent, because it allows you to capture the data that your contacts offer freely and voluntarily, at each stage of their relationship with you.

At the first points of contact, the name, company, and email may be enough, but later you will need to obtain more information to be able to assess the quality of that contact and you will have to ask the right questions at the right time.


Establish qualifying criteria for your sales opportunities

It seems logical, but you must be clear about the criteria that allow you to identify qualified leads.

If you’re not sure how to drive leads to your website, you may not be getting the right information you need to establish whether a contact can be a lead as quickly as possible.

To help you establish the evaluation elements of your leads, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Economic capacity: does the contact have the necessary budget to be able to purchase your product or service?
  • Authority: Is this contact the person with the decision to buy and with the last word to place a purchase order in your company?
  • Opportunity: Is the contact aligned with what you can provide?
  • Need: Is there a short-term and well-posed need in the contact’s company that your solution helps them solve?

The budget and the opportunity are conditioned by your business interests and ideal client objectives.


Promote your content on paid online advertising media

In recent years, social networks have provided a new vision for the advertising approach of companies.

We have many more segmentation options and to increase the reach of our publications to try to show our ideal client in the places where they are usually looking for information, talking with professionals, or looking for new suppliers.

Social networks like Linkedin offer great insight into business customers and ads allow you to create modern digital marketing campaigns based on the profiles of your potential customers.



The more you know about yourself and your buyer personas, the more leads you can get. The challenge is to integrate this knowledge into the axis of improvement of your campaigns.

Digital marketing and new technologies applied to sales digital sales are relatively easy to learn, but difficult to master.

Put time, resources, and effort into improving your digital marketing strategy and you can achieve your lead generation goals. Contact us if you need any more assistance and advice.

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