Rimworld: 10 Pro Tips And Tricks You Need To Know


With these pro tips and tricks, you won’t just do well in Rimworld, you’ll do great.

Most of the time, your first Rimworld colony will die of hunger, catch on fire, or make you mad. Before you can get stable, you have to learn a lot, but once you get over that hill, you can fully explore Rimworld game’s heart. Before you spend too much time trying to tame a megasloth, take the time to make sure you can support yourself.

Once you understand the basics, there are a lot of things you can do to make your base run better and avoid problems. You and your colonists will be much happier if you use the zoning tool well and make more complicated defensive setups. Even though life on the Rim is hard, that doesn’t mean you can’t get used to it.

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