Leather Wallet vs Cardholder: Which One is the Better Choice?

Leather wallets

Wallets have seen many updates and changes in their styles over the centuries. Hundreds of years ago, people used to carry more than coins and cash in their wallets. Leather wallets have been used to carry food and weapons for hunting as well, and they came in various sizes, which made them more common among both men and women.

The newest innovation in leather wallets is a leather cardholder. People have been switching to cardholders for the last few years and found them extremely convenient and stylish. However, there are pros and cons to both a leather wallet and a cardholder, which makes it challenging for leather buyers to choose one between them. In this blog, we are comparing both options to help you decide which one is a better choice for you.

Leather Wallets

When you are choosing a leather bag or accessory for yourself, the first thing you need to determine is the use of it. Whether you are looking for something to carry cash with some other things, a wallet is the choice you should make. Leather wallets are a little more spacious as compared to leather cardholders. They come in different sizes, so you can also find leather wallets slightly bigger in size. These sizes are mostly used during traveling when you have more things to keep in them. You can carry them in your men’s leather travel bag instead of your pockets.

Wallets are also better because of their capacity to hold more things. You can easily carry more than just credit and debit cards. They are a better option for people who need to carry cash around every day in a secure way. You can also carry your driver’s license, travel documents, receipts of purchases, etc., along with the cash.

There are many shops and stores that don’t accept cards, or there might be a situation where you need to pay in cash; in these cases, wallets prove to be more useful because they have the space to carry cash, and they also have bigger compartments to keep your essentials separate. The compartments are also properly concealed so your cash and other essentials don’t get out and stay safe in place. This quality proves to be the most convenient when you travel.

A leather wallet is also considered a thoughtful gift for someone if you are thinking of buying it for your loved one. Leather gifts never go wrong, and whatever you decide to give a person, as long as it is made of leather, they are going to love it. However, leather wallets are a popular choice for gifts because they are also practical and stylish. They can use it for a long time, and it will benefit them in more ways than you think.

The Downside of Leather Wallets

While the size of a leather wallet provides many benefits for the owner, it is also considered a downside. Since leather wallets have a bigger capacity to store things, people often over-stuff them, and then their wallets look bulky. Bulky wallets are also difficult to fit in the pockets without looking weird. They are also not as minimal as cardholders; hence, if you wish to carry a slim, stylish wallet, big leather wallets might not be the right choice for you. However, it all comes down to your use. A leather wallet is the right choice if you need to carry more things throughout your day.

Leather Cardholder

Cardholders are the slim and compact versions of leather wallets. They are the perfect choice for people looking for minimal designs. They are small, and you can easily carry them in your pockets. They look unique and are the best accessory if you want to make a style statement. They also have compartments to store your cards, and it doesn’t look bulky because it doesn’t have the capacity to hold loose change and cash for you.

A leather cardholder also helps you keep unimportant things out of your wallet. You can decide what things are important for you throughout the day and only keep them in your cardholder holder. Having too many things in your wallets can also be a hassle sometimes, as you cannot find the right thing on time. Leather cardholders make you more organised, and they are also more durable because of their size and minimal design. You would not want to throw your petite cardholder in a big mens leather travel bag where it’ll be difficult to find things. You will most likely keep your cardholder in your pockets which keeps it more protected and extends its life.

Cardholders are also a great gift for people because of their lifelong benefits. A leather cardholder doesn’t lose its shape even if someone sits on it. It is compact and stays like that for decades if you care for it the right way. You won’t even feel anything in your pocket, and that is the biggest benefit of having a leather cardholder.

The Downside of Leather Cardholders

The only downside to leather cardholders is that you cannot carry loose change and cash in them. If you are traveling or have a business requiring you to carry cash, leather cardholders cannot help you. They have 0 capacity to carry cash due to their minimal design and compact size. Hence, if you need cash in your routine life, it is better to choose a leather wallet over a cardholder.


Leather wallets and card holders have different benefits and downsides; it’s up to you whether your needs fit a wallet or a cardholder. We hope our guide helped you decide which is the better choice for you.

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