Discovering the World of Tiles – Showcasing Versatility and Style for Your L


Tile is a versatile material, suitable for use in many different situations – kitchen, bathroom or wall applications alike. Available in an assortment of materials, shapes and designs – tile has an endless number of applications!

As opposed to most wallpaper or tiles, an einstein is an aperiodic monotile; an infinite two-dimensional plane could cover it without following a periodic pattern. Smith’s discovery has inspired artistic representations, knitted quilts and TikTok explainers alike.

Divisible Patterns

While shapes have made waves in tile design, it can be easy to overlook how much power layout of a tile pattern holds. While basic squares and rectangles may work for beginners, two-tile patterns with unique arrangements offer greater variety and interest.

Enhance the traditional grid tile pattern by mixing in smaller tiles to form herringbone or octagon dot patterns. It’s an effective way to give any room an antique-like charm, plus it’s both simple and timeless!

Grids are timeless design choices that can add dimension to any space by stretching sightlines further outward. Simply stack rectangular tiles vertically or horizontally. Or for an unexpected twist, try mixing up a grid by diagonal stacking. Doing this is an effective way of breaking up long walls while adding bold accents in smaller areas.

Corridor tile layouts remain an indispensable tool for many designers. Their versatility extends across various widths and they look particularly beautiful with large format tile. One effective strategy for using corridor layouts is stagger tiles from row to row for an individualized mixed width look. You could alternate rectangular and square tiles or even experiment with changing orientation of each size to achieve this look.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns add a stylish and structured element to your designs, lending an unmistakably modern and structured flair. Geometric patterns can add visual interest or serve as text backgrounds – popular design trends for tattoo designs, abstract backgrounds and more! You can easily create geometric patterns yourself using graphic design software, while there are even programs which create them automatically!

Many different shapes can be combined to form geometric designs. Squares and circles are great starting points, while more complicated patterns might involve isometric cube images, which have equal dimensions but appear three dimensional. Other geometric forms that could be combined include triangles, diamonds, hexagons and octagons to make more complex designs.

Create geometric designs using lines. This can range from something as straightforward as simply following an edge around an image to using geometric forms to craft an entire image – such as this owl!

If you want to try your hand at creating geometric designs, there are various resources available on Envato Elements that can help. For instance, this pack of seamless geometric patterns features 40 designs which are simple to modify in both Photoshop and Illustrator.

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns are an effective way to bring design playfulness and bring the outdoors in to any room, be it an office nook, kitchen or bedroom. Florals patterns can brighten any dull day at work and add color into any setting – be it an office corner, playful kitchen corner or bedroom retreat.

When choosing floral patterns for your space, be mindful of their color and size in order to evoke the desired atmosphere. A pale pink rose print can add romance while tropical floral patterns offer something lively.

Floral patterns can add modern and contemporary touches to any space, while smaller scale flowers will look more traditional in your surroundings. When selecting floral prints for your space, density matters as this can reduce visual negative space and slim down your room if that is important to you.

Floral patterns come in an array of colors – from soft to dramatic – making them versatile in terms of tone. When searching for floral prints, avoid anything too dated like Liberty prints or Little House on the Prarie style prints (although these have seen renewed popularity among younger generations). Instead, opt for something creative that will outlive fashion trends.

Linen Patterns

Linen fabric is one of our favorites because it makes dressing for any special occasion so effortless – whether that means an afternoon tea with colleagues, dinner with family and friends or getting ready for that big presentation! Furthermore, its natural soft texture helps you remain composed in hot environments by keeping you cool in any situation.

Given this fact, it comes as no surprise that many designers prefer linen when creating new patterns for release. Merchant & Mills stands out as being particularly adept in using this elegant fabric in its patterns with silhouettes designed to emphasize its natural “tumbled” quality as well as how well it presses into pleats – Burnside Bibs and Hinterland Dress are two especially beloved favorites amongst sewists!

Common Stitch from Australia also takes great pride in using linen for their designs, offering casual wearables that incorporate its natural texture into everyday casualwear. Their Zadie Jumpsuit has gained great acclaim among sewists while we love how relaxed yet flattering Burnside Wrap Dress looks made up in linen fabric. Paper Theory’s garment patterns feature unique construction techniques that truly shine when constructed up using this beautiful fabric.

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