Creating a Smart Home – Exploring the World of Home Automation

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Home automation systems allow for convenient control of devices like door locks, lights, thermostats and appliances from one central hub. Furthermore, these systems enable you to set schedules that accommodate your daily activities while cutting energy costs.

Technology is becoming more accessible, yet more affordable, but how can you begin using it?


Lighting control is an ideal starting point when it comes to smart technology. Simply start with one smart light bulb, and add additional ones via smartphone control or automation using something like the Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion controller.

These devices allow users to program lights for specific times or events – or even just the amount of daylight outside! You can set dimming and brightness controls over an adjustable period, as well as wake up automatically at dawn or respond to noise or movement from sensors around your home such as front doors, garage doors or even motion detectors.

Home Automation systems and technologies vary significantly, but most utilize standard wireless technologies like Zigbee, Z-Wave and Wi-Fi which make it easier and cheaper for consumers to experiment with Smart Home tech without having to learn all there is about each specific product they are using.

Sensors are the foundation of any smart home system, providing feedback about motion, door/window opening, temperature and humidity levels as well as providing early warning of flooding, fire, smoke or carbon monoxide issues that might otherwise arise. A Smart Home system monitors this real-time information to provide early warning of flooding, fire, smoke or carbon monoxide problems before they develop into major catastrophes.


Smart homes can make our lives easier by speeding up processes and saving us work, while offering additional uses such as security and energy efficiency.

Smart homes work by connecting devices together and allowing them to interact through a network, with users having control of manual or automated programming of these devices. Some of them may even react when other devices change states – for instance a motion detector switching from “open” to “closed”.

There are now many off-the-shelf smart home products readily available, based on industry standards like X10, Insteon, Zigbee and Z-Wave, supported by an ecosystem of electronic manufacturers who produce end user products themselves and controlled using wall mounted terminals, tablets or computers with mobile phone apps or even via mobile phone apps.

Entertainment, security and energy applications of smart home technology are most frequently found within entertainment, security and energy spheres. Lighting and heating can be controlled remotely and automatically while saving money by only turning on when rooms are occupied – making use of smart energy saving lightbulbs more economical. Lighting also acts as an indicator when rooms are vacant to save energy costs and money is saved when only turning on when rooms are needed – also saving energy bills! Kitchen appliances such as coffee makers that automatically brew one cup at an appointed time or refrigerators that track expiration dates to generate shopping lists are great examples of smart technology applications used throughout homes today; security systems can record visitors who may pose threats by recording and alerting residents should they arrive.


Imagine coming home after a long day to your lights automatically switching on, your favorite music playing through the speakers, your heating set to your ideal temperature and an instant coffee waiting in the kitchen; all this could become reality with a proper Smart Home system in place.

Smart Home security systems provide essential protection from intruders, burglaries and even the threat of fire, via sensors, alarms and devices such as CCTV or door and window sensors that you can control remotely from your smartphone or tablet – even while away!

Other advantages of having a smart home include its ability to automatically close or open blinds on sunny days in summer or when temperatures dip into cold weather, reduce energy bills with smart lighting and heating, minimise standby power drains by switching devices off at their socket, track prices of fuel and groceries and alert you when your fridge is about to expire – there’s virtually nothing a smart home can’t do!

Your choice of Smart Home system depends on your unique goals and preferences, from flexibility to features to expand as needs shift. Most automation systems connect all devices through a central hub which then automates your home by setting scenes, routines or schedules according to what you choose through voice or manual command inputs.


Home Automation can aid energy efficiency by making it simpler to monitor and control items such as your heating, lighting, appliances and motorised systems like blinds, curtains, awnings or shutters. Home Automation also gives peace of mind by being capable of monitoring for emergency situations such as flooding, water leakage, fire or carbon monoxide emissions that might threaten safety – while offering greater peace of mind than traditional monitoring tools alone.

Smart Home systems rely on a central hub called a controller to connect and manage all of the different devices in your home. Its software enables you to interact with them by setting scenes, routines and schedules as well as remotely accessing it via smartphone apps from any location in the world.

Controllers typically operate using one of several universal wireless communication protocols such as WiFi, Z-Wave or HA 1.2 and can easily integrate other Smart Home technologies as needed.

An attractive feature of most Smart Home systems is their ability to activate other smart devices, such as lighting or music playback when motion detection sensors detect it; or activating dehumidifier and ceiling fan systems to combat mould growth; or simply opening blinds during sunny weather days to maximize natural lighting and thus lower heating costs.

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