Comprehensive Guide to SonyLIV Subscription Plans and Pricing

Streaming online is now the trend, and people love binge-watching. SonyLIV, as we know, is an OTT platform where people can enjoy online streaming on small and big screens. You can download the SonyLIV app on your devices, like Android, iOS, and smart TVs. You can get SonyLIV coupon code through Cashaly and get amazing discounts.

SonyLIV started in 2013, when they launched TV shows, live TV streaming, and on-demand videos. It comes with both free and premium options, where you can stream according to the plan you choose. Here we will discuss the latest pricing plan so you can get the most out of it.

Different plans come with different features that you can avail of to enjoy your streaming. You can choose plans according to your requirements, like yearly or monthly. SonyLIV has flexible plan pricing to provide you with the best offers. Through these plans, you can unlock great features and watch your favourite shows, sports, movies, and much more.

SonyLIV makes it even more convenient for you to use their app in multiple languages. You can choose to stream in different languages with suitable subtitles as well. Not limited to India, people can stream SonyLIV apps in different countries.

Keep reading the blog to learn more about the comprehensive guide to SonyLIV subscription plans and pricing.

Guide With Features Of SonyLIV Subscription Plans And Pricing

In this section, we will discuss the details of SonyLIV subscription plans and pricing to help you get a better understanding. Let us see what plans SonyLIV offers with their prices and features.

The Mobile Only Plan

This is the plan of Rs. 599 per year offered by SonyLIV only on mobile. Customers can watch videos in HD (720p). Here, you get access to live sports, TV shows, reality shows, and other channels.

However, there are a few limitations to the SonyLIV mobile app subscription. You can only log in to a single device and watch on that device. You will also see advertisements while streaming on the SonyLIV app on your mobile.

The Monthly LIV Premium Plan

The monthly LIV premium plan is a user-friendly and low-cost plan that you can go for. This plan costs Rs. 299 and gives you premium benefits for the app. You can stream unlimited content with this plan on your device.

With an affordable price, in this plan you can log in to two devices at the same time and enjoy full HD (1080p) videos. The total number of logins allowed is five devices at different times. In this plan as well, you get to see advertisements, live sports, various channels, and TV shows.

The 6 Month LIV Premium Plan

In the 6-month LIV premium plan, you can log in to more devices at the same time. This plan costs Rs. 666 for every 6 months with premium features.

With this plan, customers can watch Sony Live shows, movies, original series, and sports events in full HD video quality. This is one of the best plans where you can stream ad-free, download unlimited, and also get access to LIV premium content.

The 1-Year LIV Premium Plan

This is the plan where you get LIV premium access for 1 year for Rs. 999. You get all the premium content with all the features of the SonyLIV app. With ad-free streaming, you get to watch live TV shows on Sony and SAB channels. Only with this plan do you get to watch Hollywood movies and international shows.

This plan is the best among all the plans, as it is affordable and gives you complete premium features for the whole year.

Comprehensive View of SonyLIV Subscription Plan and Pricing

This is a tabular format to make it easy to understand the whole plan and pricing of the SonyLIV app.

S.No. Plan name Price Features
1. Mobile Only  Rs. 599 (1-year) Single device login, HD (720p) quality
2. Monthly Rs. 299 5 devices login, HD quality, different channels
3. 6-Months Rs. 666 Ad-free premium content & unlimited download
4. 1-Year Rs. 999 Ad-free,all premium & international content



In this blog, we discussed the latest plan and pricing of the SonyLIV app. We explained all the features and limitations that you will encounter with each plan. You can continue your online streaming with any of the above plans as per your requirements. Enjoy every show with your favourite food with Zomato coupon codes through Cashaly. Keep your binge watching going with SonyLIV’s amazing shows and live TV.

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