All 8 Lightsabers In Fortnite, Ranked


Players might be shocked to find that the best lightsabers in Fortnite come from a galaxy far, far away in the Star Wars universe.

A lightsaber will bring peace, freedom, justice, and safety to the Fortnite kingdom because it is an elegant weapon from a more civilized time. Lightsabers have been in Fortnite a few times because the game has worked with Star Wars on a lot of different projects. But it looks like Fortnite x Star Wars is getting bigger than ever this time.

Players will not only be able to use Force powers and unlock exciting and well-known Star Wars figures, but they will also have a great time choosing from a wide range of lightsabers. The Force will always be with the characters who use lightsabers, no matter what kind of lightsaber they use or what color Kyber crystal they choose.

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