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Find out things about Baizhu that not everyone knows in Genshin Impact.

Baizhu, the owner of the Bubu Pharmacy and defender of Qiqi, has been a highly anticipated playable character in Genshin Impact. He was first presented to players as a non-playable character during the Liyue Arc story quests. He stood out because he was the first and only character with a confirmed Dendro Vision and a visible vision in his design. This suggested that the Dendro element would become playable in the future. And that Baizhu’s release would be put off until then, even though he was a Liyue character. So, Baizhu has become one of the most anticipated characters. Even though his concept has been in the game for a while.

A lot of Genshin Impact fans thought that Baizhu would be a healer. And it turns out that they were right. Players can find out about many other hidden parts of his design by finishing his story quest and making their friendship level with him higher. So, even though Baizhu took a long time to get to Happy Wheels game, there is a lot for players to find and enjoy now that he is there.

Baizhu Is Not Physically Strong

Baizhu Is Not Physically Strong

Even though Baizhu is a chemist with a lot of medical knowledge and plays the part of a healer. It is known that he has a diseas. That can’t be cured and makes him very weak. It’s interesting that his own medicines can’t fix this problem.

In fact, Qiqi says in her voice lines. That she is in better shape than him because she is a zombie. So, Baizhu gives many of his jobs, like gathering herbs, to Qiqi. An NPC named Herbalist Gui is in charge of putting medicines together. This lets Baizhu focus on what he does best, which is being a doctor.

Baizhu’s Medicine Always Tastes Bitter

Baizhu's Medicine Always Tastes Bitter

Players who are familiar with the commissions in Liyue may have seen the “Good Medicine Tastes Bitter” commission. In this one, players have to give an NPC child almond tofu to help her take her medicine because she says it tastes awful. Some people might think that this is just because kids don’t like the way medicine tastes. But Baizhu’s official character description says that his medicine is very strong and very bitter.

This is also backed up by the fact that playable characters like Keqing and Xiangling have talked about how bitter it tastes. But players can take comfort in the fact that Baizhu’s speciality dish, Heat-Quenching Soup, is not a medicine and tastes sweet because Baizhu added sugar to it to make it taste better for travellers.

Baizhu Pursues Eternal Life

Baizhu Pursues Eternal Life

Baizhu is an expert in medicine. In part because he has spent his whole life trying to find a way to live forever. Even though he really cares about Qiqi, he is also interested in taking care of her because he wants to live forever. This different way of thinking causes problems with Hu Tao. Who sees the natural circle of life and death as a process of change.

In addition to his backstory and speech lines, Baizhu’s appearance also shows that he wants to live forever. His constellation name, Lagenaria, comes from a gourd that was thought to be part of the elixir of life in a Chinese story about an immortal man named Li Tieguai who carried the gourd around to help people who were sick. Also, Baizhu’s official names in many languages, like “Beyond Mortality” in English and “Healthy Condition” and “Harmonious” in Chinese and Japanese, fit well with his goal of living forever.

Baizhu’s Name Has Deep Meanings

Baizhu's Name Has Deep Meanings

As a character based on Liyue, Baizhu’s name is thought to fit his nature. One possible meaning of his name is the Chinese word bái zh. Which refers to a plant root called Atractylodes macrocephala. This plant is often used as a natural medicine or to make medicine. Which fits with Baizhu’s job as a chemist who knows a lot about medicine.

Bai Suzhen, a character from Chinese mythology who wanted to live forever and was also called “Madam White Snake,” is another possible source for his name. This fits with Baizhu’s desire to learn and live forever. Also, Baizhu is often seen with Changsheng, a white snake, which makes the link to Bai Suzhen even stronger.

Changsheng Is A Significant Figure In Baizhu’s Design

Changsheng Is A Significant Figure In Baizhu's Design

Changsheng is Baizhu’s friend, and his name fits well with the fact that Baizhu wants to live forever. The name, which means “long life” in Chinese, is also linked to the story of The White Snak. In which the mythical spirit of Bai Suzhen, a white snake, goes with a herbalist and helps him heal people.

Even though the story isn’t about Baizhu and Changsheng. There are important references that show the writers and character designers of Genshin Impact put a lot of work into designing the characters long before they were supposed to be released.

Baizhu’s Birthday Is 25 April

Baizhu's Birthday Is 25 April

Baizhu’s birthday is April 25, which in Western astrology is the same as the earth sign and fits well with his Dendro Vision. Unfortunately, like Nahida and some other characters, his birthday is right before he comes out. This means that fans will have to wait almost a year to get a special birthday letter from him. Even though April 25 doesn’t seem to have much to do with Baizhu’s character, some players might be excited to know that this date is World Malaria Day, which celebrates the efforts of people all over the world to fight malaria.

Genshin Impact can now be played on PS4, PS5, Mobile, and PC. A version for the Switch is in the works.

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